The United Methodist Church in Karnes City

It all started when…

in 1893 a group of faithful followers of Jesus began a Methodist Church in Karnes City, Texas.  For 125 years this congregation has shared God's love with their neighbors, made disciples of Jesus Christ, and transformed the world in his name.   

In 2003 the United Methodists in Karnes City joined together with the United Methodists in Kenedy to form one larger congregation with the shared vision for making disciples of Jesus Christ in Karnes County.

If you drive by our location at 201 N Esplanade St, in Karnes City, you'll see the property where the sanctuary has stood since 1942 is now a construction site.  The Church has long dreamed of expanding the Sanctuary and adding a second floor with plenty of rooms for classrooms, and ministry and meeting space, so more lives can be transformed through Jesus Christ.  In May of 2018 the first step in making that dream a realty occurred with the demolition of the former worship space in which so many people came to faith, the site of so many baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals. 

We have a firm foundation built on Jesus Christ, but it's nice to see the concrete poured and the steel beams and dry wall rising for the new sanctuary building too.  The tentative completion for the new Sanctuary Building is October 2019 (the delay is due to the Board’s decision to complete the construction process on the second floor - so when we move it the building will be completely finished top to bottom!). 

The United Methodist Church in Karnes City has grown and changed over it's long history, but one thing has remained central to who we are: we are people loved by God, and called to love those around us with the same love.  We hope you'll join us in worship, in service, in living, and in loving.