The United Methodist Church at Karnes City is blessed to have a Wesley Nurse. This is a unique partnership between Methodist Healthcare Ministries (headquartered in San Antonio) and local congregations of United Methodist Churches in the Rio Texas Annual Conference. Because of this partnership many UM churches are blessed to have a fully qualified RN who is connected to their local church. A Wesley Nurse cares for the physical health of a community, while a church cares for the spiritual health of a community. We are fortunate to have Katy Gonzales, RN as the Wesley Nurse in Karnes City.

She is available to do diabetes awareness training, blood pressure checks, nutrition assistance. She is also a leader in the Mobile Food Distributions from the San Antonio Food Bank which are currently held at the Show Barn near Otto Kaiser Hospital. Food Distribution is 10 am on the first Monday of each month (if that is a Monday holiday it will be held on Tuesday). Katy is also working closely with Karnes City to begin a food bank in the center of our town, hopefully opening by the spring of 2018. Katy also teaches exercise classes at Otto Kaiser on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Throughout the year Katy also arranges a variety of healthcare events such as Blood Drives and Breast Cancer Awareness/Women’s Health in October, coordinating food baskets and gifts for families in need (joining with the Youth Ministry and the Mission team) at Christmas.

Because of the partnership with Methodist Healthcare Ministries, our Wesley nurse is able to help with prescription assistance, paying for medical expenses (including gas to and from doctors appointments and medical treatments), and arranging appointments for specialists. Katy can also arrange counseling and other mental healthcare needs.

Katy Gonzales can be reached at the church office: 830-254-8092 or by email:

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