Missions & Ministries Supported

Junior High Mission Trip -
Every summer our junior high students go on a mission trip to San Marcos Texas. They work with Southside Community Ministries (begun by United Methodist Women) fixing up homes for families who make less than $10,000 a year. They paint, install dry wall, build wheelchair ramps, lay flooring, and other such basic home improvements. But it’s not all work and no play. They get to float the river one afternoon, and Friday’s reward for a week of hard, sweaty work is a day at Schilterbahn. The whole week is focused on living out our faith by serving others in the name of Jesus.

Senior High Mission Trip
Every summer our senior high students go on a mission trip out of state. They work with Youthworks, they do Vacation Bible School for children at local YMCAs, work on cleaning up neighborhood parks and community centers. This is an opportunity for our students to travel and experience a different part of our country.

Individual Short-term Missionaries from our Congregation
From time to time some of our members will participate with a short-term mission trip on their own. We’ve sent several to Thailand in recent months to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to encourage the permanent missionaries who live in Thailand.

International Missionaries in East Asia
We encourage a couple with prayer and financial support as they establish a ministry in East Asia that focus on sharing the Gospel and making local disciples who then go out and make more disciples. Occasionally while they are on furlough they join us for worship and share about the good work they are doing. (For their protection we do not share their names, locations, or pictures, on the internet).

Karios Prison Ministry
This is a vital and active ministry of our church. Kairos is the Walk To Emmaus, but designed to reach those in prison with the forgiving love of Jesus. Our church is the base camp for the team who goes inside the prison twice a year. We provide all the meals for the team for 4 days, bag up dozens of cookies to hand to each inmate, and cover the whole time in prayer.

Paloma Place
Is the home of the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas, in partnership with University of Texas San Antonio. The Center was established in San Antonio, Texas in 1997 and supports over 1,500 children and their families each year. With an additional Center that is operating in the Rio Grande Valley, Paloma Place is to serve as a replication of the Center’s highly respected programs and provide healing and recovery for individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one. The Center’s partnership with UTSA will address unresolved grief, which often manifests as physical illness, depression, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as decreased academic performance. The uniqueness of the Center’s program is that various expressive arts modalities (play therapy, art, sand tray and narrative therapy) are used to help normalize and validate the feelings that are part of grief following the death of a loved one. The University of Texas San Antonio, through its Academy for Crisis and TraumaCounseling (ACTC) will support individuals’ personal recovery and resilience through different counseling modalities including individual counseling for adults, couples and family mental health counseling. Counseling services at Paloma Place are offered at no cost to families and are provided by state licensed mental health professionals or graduate level interns from the University of Texas at San Antonio working under supervision. ACTC will also offer its resources and expertise to provide professional education, critical incidence support, research, and resources focused on grief, loss and traumatic recovery and resilience, psycho-educational and training in area schools and community groups.

Circle of Angels
This local group is committed to giving back to the community. Every fall they host a back to school clothing drive to provide school aged students with clothing. The Circle of Angels moves quickly to meet the immediate needs of families in Karnes County. They provide diapers, hygiene kits, household cleaning supply bundles, clothing, and sometimes furniture, to families with children or elderly members.

Children’s Advocacy Center
This year, 58,432 children received services from one of the 71 children's advocacy centers across the state of Texas. The mission of Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas, Inc. (CACTX) is to restore the lives of abused children by supporting children’s advocacy centers (CACs) in partnership with local communities and agencies investigating and prosecuting child abuse.

Sharing God’s Love Prison Ministry
This group goes into prison weekly with Bible Studies and worship music to share the love of God with those who need it most.

Zoe Ministry
ZOE has one primary goal – helping children help themselves. It may sound simple, but our strategies for achieving that goal are anything but. ZOE strives to provide orphans and vulnerable children living in extreme poverty the skills, tools, and resources they need to become completely self-reliant. For each orphan, the achievement of self-reliance looks different. Some become farmers, some become tailors, some return to school, and yet others join together and run large-scale businesses such as restaurants and wholesale markets. However, after three years, our overall goal is the same: children and young adults, full of hope, pride and dignity, able to provide for themselves and their siblings, without being dependent on outside support.

Karnes County Healing Hearts Ministry
Where God's love heals, grows, & provides freedom. We are a safe, loving place that offers personal prayer appointments and encourages intimacy with God.

Wesley Nurse
The Wesley Nurse program spans more than 80 sites throughout South Texas and is Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.'s largest geographic outreach program. The professional practice of the Wesley Nurse is not limited to the physical dimension of medical needs; rather, it includes a mind, body and spirit holistic approach. A key component Wesley Nurses undertake in their communities is providing health education, health promotion and facilitation of resources. We assist individuals and communities in achieving improved health and wellness through self-empowerment and access to healthcare resource information. While the Wesley Nurse program is a component of Methodist Healthcare Ministries' ecumenical outreach and located within churches, it does not teach a set of denominational beliefs. All Wesley Nurse programs are free, and all members of the community are welcome. Programs are offered to groups or on an individual basis. 

Karnes County Christian Thrift Store
Is a Christian based organization that takes donations of any kind and resales items at a reduced price in which profits benefit needy families. God Bless!